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Honda CR-V Offers Unprecedented Convenience

Very few models on the market offer the same level of impressive space and performance as the Honda CR-V. Even after several decades, the trusted Honda model is still astonishing consumers with its amazing features that contribute to a higher level of convenience for the driver and passengers.

With seating available for up to five people, the CR-V offers different convenient storage features such as the 60/40 rear seat split to fold down the back row of seating  for almost double the amount of storage space than the previously impressive 39.2 cubic feet of available cargo space.

Between grocery trips and other day-to-day activities, you might often find your hands too full to open the car door. Luckily, the hands-free access power tailgate feature on the CR-V allows you incredibly easy access into the back of the vehicle. Simply tap the bottom of the tailgate with your foot and the sensor will open up the trunk for you.

You no longer need to worry about trying to figure out if you remembered to lock your vehicle or not thanks to the CR-V's walk away auto lock feature. As long as the engine is off and the key is in your pocket, the vehicle will automatically lock all of the doors as soon as you begin to walk away.

The CR-V additionally provides you with the luxury of knowing that your safety will be kept intact in any situation. With the help of the Road Departure Mitigation System, you will be notified whenever you drift from the center of your lane, and the system will gently guide you back into the optimal position.

Give yourself the gift of extreme convenience and confidence on the road by getting the amazing Honda CR-V today. The team at CMA's Valley Honda is always standing by to help you pick out your perfect trim with added features to suit your needs.

The Honda CR-V Has Comfortable Seats and Beautiful Trim

With the countless hours spent sitting and driving in their vehicles, drivers looking for a new vehicle should be on the lookout for a ride with comfortable seats. If the seats aren't comfortable, it will affect the overall driving experience. Low-quality seats can cause the driver to feel pain in their back and neck, even after relatively short trips.

Although not all vehicles have comfortable seats, there are a few that pass the test with flying colors. One of these vehicles is the Honda CR-V. This SUV is guaranteed to surpass the comfort standards of any driver or passenger in the state of Virginia.

The Honda CR-V has a maximum seating capacity of five people. The front seats of the Honda CR-V are buckets, while the back row of seats is a split-bench style. The back seat of the Honda CR-V is a split-folding rear seat which allows drivers to extend part, or all, of their trunk space into the backseat of the vehicle to provide more room for luggage or hauling longer items.

This brilliant SUV comes equipped with comfortable seats and a number of other practical functions. Both of the front seats are heated, and the driver's seat has a bonus lumbar support system which can highly benefit the driver's back. The driver's seat also features a power function, making it even more customizable. This makes it easy to drive the CR-V for hours while maintaining comfort the entire time.

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The Honda CR-V Offers Top-of-the-Line Convenience Features

Many modern drivers are attracted to SUVs because they are spacious, have great storage capabilities, and can be great family vehicles. The Honda CR-V offers all of this plus top-of-the-line convenience features to make driving easier, more comfortable, and less distracting

One driver-friendly feature available on the Honda CR-V is the adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow. This useful feature makes it easier for drivers to control the speed of their vehicle.

Another convenient feature of the CR-V is the tilt and telescopic steering functions. These allow the driver to customize the steering wheel to fit his or her preferences, creating a more comfortable, personalized drive.

The Honda CR-V also offers a handful of convenience features that lower the driver's chances of getting distracted such as the one-touch-up/down windows. These power windows can be extremely useful as the driver no longer has to take his or her eyes off the road to close or open a window.

There is absolutely no denying the quality of the Honda CR-V's convenience features. If you are interested in taking a test drive or purchasing a new or used Honda CR-V, check out CMA's Colonial Honda in South Chesterfield, VA for a vast  selection in varying trims, colors, and available features.

Take a Girlfriends' Road Trip in the Honda CR-V

When girls are little, it's common to have sleepovers at each other's houses. Long nights spent giggling, watching movies, and eating junk food turn into the foundation for many solid friendships. But once girls get older and busier - with school, sports, and boys - those friendships often take a backseat to other things. Wouldn't it be fun to reignite that spark by taking a girls' road trip?

If this sounds like fun, you'll want to check out the Honda CR-V before you go. It's the perfect car for a road trip with your gal pals. It's a comfortable size and has plenty of room for both your friends and all their luggage. It's fun to drive, too! If you're planning a girls' getaway, the Honda CR-V will get you there in style.

Easy on the Purse

There are many reasons why the Honda CR-V is great for a road trip. For one thing, it's easy on the pocketbook. The CR-V is one of the most economical vehicles in its class with estimated highway mileage coming in in the lows 30s, depending on the trim you choose. Models with the turbocharged engine will get slightly better gas mileage than those with the four-cylinder base engine, so consider that if you're watching your pennies. Of course, if you're all splitting the cost of gas during the trip, you have nothing to worry about!

Plenty of Safety Features

The Honda CR-V comes standard with Honda's suite of driver-assist technology called Honda Sensing®. These sophisticated features are designed to help you get where you're going safely. Collision Mitigation Braking System assists in bringing your car to a stop if it detects an obstacle that may cause an accident. Road Departure Mitigation helps you stay in your lane and sends an alert if you veer across a line without signaling. And Adaptive Cruise Control enables you to stay a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. These safety features are great to have when you're in a car with a bunch of friends. None of your pals would intentionally distract you, but sometimes the fun of being together can be distraction enough.

Loads of Cargo Room and Cubbies

When it comes to packing it all in, there's nothing better than the Honda CR-V. This vehicle has a cavernous cargo hold that has plenty of room for everyone's weekend gear. The 60/40 split-folding rear seats lay flat and provide even more storage capacity for those extra shopping bags that find their way into the car during your travels. Strategically placed cubbies throughout the interior give you plenty of places to stash smaller items like hairbrushes, packs of gum, and cell phones.

Turn back the clock. Give your besties a call and get your girlfriends' road trip scheduled today. Then go check out a Honda CR-V. You'll find that it's the perfect complement to your trip down memory lane!

Honda CR-V is the Perfect First SUV

Making the transition from a couple with no kids to a full-fledged family is no small thing. When baby comes along, suddenly decisions that would have been simple just a few months ago take on monumental implications. Running a quick errand is no longer quick; getting gas is fraught with risk and complications unless you can pay at the pump; and going out for a quiet dinner is a thing of the past. Many adjustments are in order to accommodate your new family member. The car you've been driving may have to be adjusted, too.

The Honda CR-V is the perfect first SUV for a growing family. It's roomy, comfortable, stylish, and includes many features that new families need. With a turbocharged engine, it's also fun to drive. If you're migrating from couple to family, the Honda CR-V helps ease the transition.

Inside Matters

One of the best things about the Honda CR-V is the fact that it's one of the smaller SUVs. That doesn't mean, however, that you'll feel cramped inside. You'll find the CR-V surprisingly roomy - in fact, one of the roomiest in its class - with plenty of elbow and headroom. Seats accommodate average-sized adults comfortably. Legroom in the back is adequate, and the car is easy to get in and out of. It also delivers a ride that's quiet enough to carry on a conversation without raising your voice - even though conversations may go by the wayside now that baby is here.

Making Room for Baby

The large rear passenger area in the Honda CR-V makes it easy to install car seats. Wide door openings allow you to get baby in and out of the car without bumping heads and elbows in the process. Outboard rear seats have two complete sets of LATCH car-seat connectors, as well as an upper tether and lower anchor for the middle seat. You'll find that car seats fit securely without having to move the front seats forward in an attempt to gain additional clearance.

Cargo space in the Honda CR-V rivals that found in some of the larger SUVs on the market. There's plenty of room for diaper bags, toys, strollers, portable cribs, and anything else needed for visits to grandma's house or family vacations. Rear seats flip down easily, and the cargo floor adjusts to give you a flat loading surface if you need it. Both power and hands-free liftgate options are available.

Superior Safety Ratings

With such precious cargo on board, superior safety ratings rank at the top of every new family's list of must-haves. The Honda CR-V gets the 2019 Top Safety Pick designation from the IIHS and scores a rating of Good in all crash tests performed. It also gets four out of five stars from the NHTSA in rollover tests. The automated braking system included with standard Honda Sensing® driver assist technology increases safety scores.

Couples moving into the next phase of adulthood will appreciate all the family-focused features the Honda CR-V has to offer. It helps make the transition to responsible adult a little less painful.